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University Announces links for Postgraduate Studies Applicants 2020-2021

University Announces links for Postgraduate Studies Applicants 2020-2021

Department of Graduate Studies at Al- Iraqia University announced applications links of the university’s colleges which are ready to receive applicants ’files for postgraduate studies for the academic year (2020-2021).

Prof. Dr. Essam Mahmoud Mohamed, Director of the Graduate Studies Department said, “Based on the instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and according to the health conditions that our country is going through as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. All forms, documents, legal pledges and application forms will be submitted (electronically) through the dedicated links for each college, with possibility of handing over paper files to the staff of the graduate studies department in the colleges.”.

He added that the applicants must observe a set of conditions that must be followed when submitting these documents, including that th files are in PDF format, file size does not exceed (10 MB), and make sure of the provided information  are confirmed ,submitting the paper files  must be on the day of exam, the applicants   will bear full responsibility in case the information is incorrect based on the Ministry’s instructions.

Application links below:

College of Arts:

College of Education:

College of Medicine:

College of Engineering:

College of Administration and Economics:

Girls’ Education College:

For the rest of colleges, files and documents papers will be submitted (by hand) to Postgraduate Studies Divisions of each college.

A Virtual Workshop on The Graduation Project Writing Mechanism

A Virtual Workshop on The Graduation Project Writing Mechanism

Department of Network Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Al-Iraqia University held a Virtual workshop and discussion seminar on the mechanism of writing graduation projects with the participation of the fourth stage students in the college. The workshop included an expanded virtual meeting with the fourth stage students for both morning and evening studies to introduce the mechanism of writing the graduation project and the necessary requirements to prepare for the final discussion and identify problems and solve them in the service of the learning process.

The workshop aims to ensure that the student submitting the project is responsible for conforming to the instructions, the department is not allowed to submit The Project only after ensuring that the it meets all the mentioned requirements.