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Advisory Board for a Danish Scientific journal chooses An Academic for membership


Journal of the North European Academy of Sciences and Scientific Research, published in Denmark, selected the teaching professor at Faculty of Media of Al- Iraqia University, Dr. Mohsen Aboud Kashkool, as a member of the advisory board for its research.

Dr. Mohsen Aboud Kashkool said that the Journal of the Academy of Northern Europe is one of the international journals that have a broad impact factor in the scientific and academic circles for specialized research in scientific and Humanities field.

He added that the magazine publishes original researches that represents an addition to the balance of humanities, which keeps pace with the latest developments towards upgrading the educational and research system besides community service, and is supervised by a staff of scientists and academics from various universities around the world to achieve required quality of scientific research.

حملة تنظيف تطوعية لطلبة كلية طب الاسنان

حملة تنظيف تطوعية لطلبة كلية طب الاسنان

عمل طوعي بامتياز قام به طلبة في كلية طب الاسنان بتنظيف وتعقيم اجهزة العيادات التعليمية بالتعاون مع (م. رحاب عادل) مديرة العيادات التعليمية و (م.م مروة محمد) مسؤولة وحدة العمل التطوعي حيث عمل الطلاب كخلية نحل من اجل نظافة بيتهم الثاني الا وهي كليتهم , حملة التنظيف استهدفت العيادات التعليمية للمرحلة…